How To Get The Most Out of Your Experience

Self care should be a daily practice and Sun Soul Skin is dedicated to bringing you the highest level of personal skin care products to get you ready for your day.

All of the Foaming Body Sugar Scrubs are designed to be used daily to once or twice weekly in the shower as a scrub. These products have a rich foaming lather that washes away clean and sugar to exfoliate your dead skin cells. You only need a small amount mixed with water to lather in your hands and then apply and scrub each area of your body. Follow with Soul Glow EMF Protecting Toner all over hair, face and body and then top off with, "Soul Bling Body Butter" for daily added skin care benefits and spiritual protection. You can of course follow with your favorite body moisturizer that you already have but hydration is important as you exit the shower daily.

To get the most out of your Soul Bling Body Butter, apply all over body and face daily after shower or washing while your skin is still moist.

Be mindful of coming into the present moment as you apply these products and charge them with your own intentions and energy. Connect with your body and give yourself love and compassion as you activate your energy field.

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A Word From The Creator of Sun Soul Skin

I am so pleased to bring a lifelong dream into physical manifestation with the creation and launch of Sun Soul Skin. Before becoming an Astrologer I was a professional Aesthetician practicing since 1999 in 5 Star Resort Spas from the Las Vegas Strip to Miami. It is a talent in my DNA to practice alchemy and create products that are highly transformative and over my extensive career in the skin care industry, I worked on thousands of clients including celebrities, addressing every skin care concern imaginable. I have always wanted to create my own line that not only addressed the main concerns most common amongst men and women but also a line that treated the spiritual, etheric and astral bodies as well. 

Sun Soul Skin is a lifestyle brand that goes beyond the current level of available skin care products for the conscious and aware beings who understand life is about far more then just the surface. I use the highest level of ingredients that I have years of personal experience with to guarantee shocking results in the best way possible. Each product comes in a beautiful lightweight reusable tin so that once your product has been used, you can repurpose your package. Each product holds sacred energy of crushed and powdered raw crystals and stones safe for the body as they are not absorbed into the skin and powerful essential oils to shield and protect your energy fields. Sun Soul Skin isn’t only for physical hygiene but is a daily practice of spiritual hygiene, giving you what you need to ward off the spiritual smog of our modern world.

The line officially released on February 16, 2020 as Mercury went Retrograde in Pisces conjunct my Mars. You can order right now, right here the complete body line. Face line is coming out this week and in addition to a all natural anti-perspirant, deodorant with diatomaceous earth. Thank you to everyone who has already placed your orders and who will in the future.

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