Gnosis Pink Tourmaline Vitamin C Body Wash

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Introducing the epitome of luxury skincare: Sun Soul Skin's Pink Tourmaline Vitamin C Body Wash: Gnosis. Prepare to immerse yourself in a transcendental experience of detoxification and remineralization, meticulously crafted to elevate your skincare routine to unparalleled heights.

Rejoice as the beloved scent of Rebirth returns, crowned with the exquisite Tulsi Holy Basil as its top note, revitalizing your senses and enveloping you in an aura of pure indulgence. At Sun Soul Skin, we embrace the essence of true luxury by handcrafting our products without compromise. No synthetics, petrochemicals, fillers, or preservatives mar the purity of our formulations, ensuring an elevated skincare experience that transcends expectations.

Indulge in the goodness of our handmade Castel Soap base, expertly crafted to surpass other natural soaps. Here's why our Castel Soap is a cut above the rest:

1. Unmatched Quality: Our Castel Soap is lovingly handmade with meticulous attention to detail. Each batch is carefully formulated and crafted to ensure the highest quality product that delivers exceptional results for your skin.

2. Premium Ingredients: We use only the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients to create our Castel Soap. Every ingredient is chosen for its nourishing and beneficial properties, providing your skin with a luxurious and effective cleansing experience.

3. Handmade with Love: Each batch of Gnosis is made with love and passion for skincare. We believe in the power of handmade products, as they carry an energy and intention that mass-produced items cannot replicate. Experience the difference that love and care can make for your skin.

Yet, our Pink Tourmaline-infused Gnosis body wash offers more than a cleansing ritual. It embodies the mystical properties of Pink Tourmaline, Gotu Kola, Red Raspberry Oil, Stabilized Vitamin C, Topical Bio-available Mineral Complex 5, and Mango Butter, transforming your skincare routine into a transcendent voyage of rejuvenation.

Pink Tourmaline radiates extraordinary energy, bestowing your skin with revitalization, luminosity, and a serene complexion. Its profound focus on love and compassion resonates with sensitive souls, empowering healing journeys and infusing your skincare ritual with transformative power.

The "herb of enlightenment," Gotu Kola, imparts its ethereal wisdom to Gnosis. Experience its multidimensional anti-aging and healing properties as it enhances elasticity, diminishes the appearance of varicose veins and stretch marks, and kindles collagen production, unveiling skin that emanates timeless beauty.

Elevate your skincare experience with the sublime essence of Red Raspberry Oil. Imbued with concentrated Vitamins A and E, it establishes a protective lipid barrier, locking in precious moisture and unveiling a youthful radiance. Bid farewell to oxidative damage as this special elixir fortifies collagen structure, ensuring your skin's unwavering vitality.

Discover the luminosity of Stabilized Vitamin C, an essential ingredient in Gnosis. Revel in its transformative powers as it remedies sun damage, uplifts sagging skin, and ignites collagen synthesis, unveiling a complexion resplendent with youthful vigor. As you bask in its rejuvenating glow, you'll witness the gradual restoration of your skin's natural brilliance.

Elevate your skincare routine to unprecedented heights with Topical Bio-available Mineral Complex 5, a fusion of essential minerals including Silicon, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, and Zinc. Witness the harmonious interplay of these vital elements as they nourish your skin, promoting holistic well-being and imbuing your complexion with a radiant luminosity.

Luxuriate in the sumptuousness of Mango Butter, a velvety emollient renowned for its profound moisturizing prowess. Its lavish texture caresses your skin, bestowing a silky softness and reviving its natural suppleness, enveloping you in a veil of opulent indulgence.

Experience the zenith of skincare opulence with Sun Soul Skin's Gnosis body wash, where every element converges to create a symphony of luxury, natural efficacy, and spiritual connection. Transcend ordinary skincare and embark on a transformative journey that intertwines self-care with ethereal radiance.

Let Sun Soul Skin be your guide to radiant, nourished skin and a soulful connection with the world around you.


Daily Body Care Routine:

1. Gnosis Pink Tourmaline Vitamin C Body Wash

2. Soul Glow for Masters on the Path Face and Body Toner

3. Augmented Reality Body Lift Serum

4. Soul Bling Body Butter


Handmade Castile Soap (Olive, Coconut, Argan, Hemp, Apricot Seed, Almond, Sweet Prickly Pear & Jojoba Oils), Organic Mango Butter, Organic Sugar, Organic Raw Raspberry Seed Oil, Organic Gotu Kola Extract, Bio-Available Mineral Complex 5 (Silicon, Magnesium, Copper, Iron and Zinc), French Pink Clay, Mango Butter, Stabilized Vitamin C, Tulsi Holy Basil, Raw Pink Tourmaline Powder and Unconditional Love!

This product like all other Sun Soul Skin products is handmade and alchemized by Meru Matu herself and is a US based company. 

NO REFUNDS: Exchange Only or Store Credit.


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