Two Week In Person Coaching Course

By now you have already met with either David or Meru and received approval to go ahead and make your purchase with financing through ShopPay and payment plans available here. $200 has been removed for your already paid application fee. Please read carefully all of the options so you can make the best decision for yourself.

NO PAYPAL payments will be accepted. If you do use PayPal you will be required to add an additional 40% fee of the total price equal to $1920. NOTE: This will appear as an option at checkout but the before statement stands. DO NOT USE PAYPAL unless you want to pay an additional $1920 on top of the $5000.

Please use your credit or debit card if you do not choose financing option through ShopPay.

Purchase confirms you have already been informed of and consented to the NO REFUND POLICY.

Here are your options in the pull down menu.

* Deposit ($2300)- This is 50% of the total $5000 cost minus the $200 application fee. This is required in order to be considered confirmed and to follow with your travel arrangements. This deposit is a non-negotiable for this stage with more options to follow. Please read everything carefully in order to choose which is best for you.

*Full Payment ($4800)- This is for those that would like to pay in full in order to take advantage of ShopPay Financing that allows you to split up the payments. This price reflects the subtraction of your $200 application fee.

*Final Payment ($2500)- This is the final payment, paid in full after your deposit. This amount will need to be paid no later than November 1, 2022. If you need to split this into smaller amounts keep reading as there are more options. 

*Doing It (3 payments of $833.33)- This is an option for those that need to pay in smaller amounts. Note you will need to return here and pay 3 separate payments of $833.33 to equal the final $2500. As long as your final payment is made by November  1, 2022 you can create the schedule for yourself.