Augmented Reality Crystalline Face Serum

Augmented Reality Crystalline Face Serum is a 3 month supply

This powerful serum is designed to target all signs of aging with a strong focus on hyperpigmentation which includes age spots and sun spots. Mulberry Root and Licorice Root Extract both lighten the skin and target discoloration to create a bright and even complexion. If you want to absolutely glow, then this is the serum for you. 

Egypt was found to be implementing Licorice Root Extract for herbal remedies and medicinal uses in ancient times. Licorice does well in treating atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis. Glabridin (glab-rye-din) is one of the most active ingredients in licorice root extract. This substance helps diminish any dark spots you have from scarring or sun damage. It also prevents pigmentation from UVB rays by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that causes dark pigments after sun exposure.

It provides heavy lifting with Hyaluronic Acid and delivers Vitamin D deep into the skin with DMSO as the delivery system.

Use morning and night. Follow the procedure below for best results.

Daily Skin Care Application:

1. Emerald Tablets Face Wash

2. Master Plant Teacher Crystal Toner or Soul Glow For Masters on The Path face and Body Toner (3 sprays)

3. Crystalline Serum (3 drops to face, neck and chest)

4. Awake Eye Gel (1 drop to ocular bone around eyes and expression lines and lips)

5. Face Lift in a Bottle Moisturizer

Ingredients: 3oz

Activated Crystal Water made with Amethyst, Citrine, Black Obsidian, Moonstone and Shungite, DMSO infused with Magnesium Chloride, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice Extract, Mulberry Root Extract, Vitamin D, Ylang Ylang & Unconditional Love!

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