Soul Summer Solstice Package

This Summer Solstice 2023, give yourself the gift of a Sun Soul Skin “SOUL” with 3 of the most dynamic starter products in the line. If you have been wanting to try this Crystal infused line or have been waiting for the right moment to gift a loved one, this is it! The biggest bi-annual SALE ever ran on this website. Add on the newest Sun Soul Skin product Gnosis Detoxifying and Remineralizing Daily Body Wash below for $5 OFF regular price.

Order your Summer Solstice package today and it will go out in the order they are received so don't wait as this will be a high demand offer.

If this is a gift for someone out of state or in another country, just enter their name and address as the shipping location so they may receive your gift right on time. World-wide shipping is available.

What is included: Regular $130, Now $105 or $150 with Gnosis add-on.

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* Beautiful wrapping 

* FREE GIFT (1) 4 inch Selenite Wand 

Selenite is used In clearing out stagnant and heavy energies, it allows for a flow of energy to bring in new vibes that is liquid-like. If your heart and mind feel weighed down by anxious thoughts or a troubled past, this is perfect for uplifting energy. It is also perfect for meditation, crystal grids or to keep near your skincare products for continuous charging. Selenite is protective and can be used to charge other crystals as well as it wards off negative energy. It is an ingredient in the Soul Bling Body Butter.

As the seasons change so does our skin.The astrology marks the Cardinal change into a new phase. No matter what hemisphere you reside in, this package will balance your skin for this change.

The Soul Package is perfect for teenagers fighting acne and acne scars. It is a simple three step program they can follow easily and receive profound results. If you are an adult who wants to boost your routine and correct adult acne while correcting signs of aging and reducing hyperpigmentation but don't like to use lots of products, then this is the one.

Simply begin and end each day by washing with one pump of the Emerald Tablets Daily Face Wash, then spray 3-4 pumps of the Soul Glow before applying a small peas size amount of the Soul Bling Body Butter to the face.

Treat your full body after shower with a complete spray from neck to toes of the Soul Glow, flowed by a application of the Soul Glow Body Butter.

Gift Cerficiates are also available if you don't know which of the 3 Summer Solstice Packages to choose as a gift. The Gift Certificate will be sent to them immediately so they can choose for themselves right away without delay.


NO REFUNDS: Exchange Only or Store Credit.

***Soul Bling will melt in the heat. Please do not keep in direct sun light or hot spaces like cars, purses or gym bags. You may want to keep it in your refrigerator if you don’t have central air conditioning and your bathroom is a hot place in your house.